Sunday, August 23, 2009

call girls,rent boys, hookers, hos

Call girls, rent boys, hookers, hos,
are, as everybody knows,
what makes the world go round since BC,
as well as AD. New York, DC,
and surely Sacramento too,
although it’s further from our view,
and London, Paris, Brussels, Rome,
are where sex workers choose to roam,
because they fill the politicians’
needs, and loosen inhibitions
of Wall Street men and CEO’s
of corporations with a nose
for sex-for-money. Men who’re wealthy
consider sex with them more healthy
than sex with other women whom they link
up with, till giving them a pink
slip. Dismissing them can cost
much more, once theyt feel they’ve been crossed,
than sex for free, as Oscar Wilde
observed mistakenly––he went to gaol,
enamored not just of one male,
but of the rent boys who’d extort
his money, as they found in court;
this cost him more than love for Bosey,
far more poetic and less prosy.
Paying money for sex service
ought to make the clients nervous,
but yet today most men who’re caught
with hos and hookers whom they’ve bought
get off scot free, without rebuke,
despite laws of the Pentateuch,
because we generally have pity
on them, providing they choose pretty
call girls, hookers, hos and boys.
The ones who’re paid are not killjoys
like mistresses who tend to turn
like worms, and make their lovers burn
once they’re abandoned, so to pay
upfront is really the best way
to go, and if not bargain quite,
a safer way to spend the night,
unless you’re famous and the press
gets wind, and causes major stress.
My own advice is choose good lookers
as wives, and stay away from hookers,
although it hardly has been easy,
as I’ve already said, since BC;
Right till our era which is AD,
avoid all ladies who are shady,
like hookers and a girl who rents
her services to horny gents.

Inspired by Toni Bentley’s review in the NYT Book Review on August 23, 2009 (“Meet Pay, Love”) of “Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money, and Sex,” edited by David Henry Sterry, who as a teenager David Henry Sterry was a male prostitute in Beverly Hills, and R. J. Martin Jr:
Money and sex. Sex and money. Sounds dirty already. Is it the money that makes the sex dirty? Or the sex that makes the money dirty? Or, rather, the puritan strain that says they’re both dirty? How sexy! I mean, how inappropriate! And yet here we are again and again . . . and again. It’s former Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York spending $80,000 on escorts, the parents (the parents!) of Senator John Ensign of Nevada distributing $96,000 to their son’s mistress and her family, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina using taxpayer dollars to visit his South American “soul mate” and the $4 million rock on Kobe Bryant’s wife’s finger after his adulterous mishap. Money to get the sex, and money to make it go away. If you are thinking this dynamic pairing is only for public figures, just contemplate your own divorce, past, present or future. And yet, still, it is taboo to regard sex and money as inextricably interwoven, to openly speak of them together. Why is sex supposed to be free? It never is. Ask anyone. Like Sebastian Horsley, England’s low-rent Oscar Wilde. “The difference between sex for money and sex for free,” he writes, “is that sex for money always costs a lot less.” Money is the elephant in every bedroom, making your parents’ constant presence look positively bourgeois.
But the connection is seeping into the mainstream. Witness Steven Soderbergh’s recent film, “The Girlfriend Experience,” which is about an expensive call girl and stars the real-life porn star Sasha Grey, and the new HBO series “Hung,” about a nice middle-aged dad who becomes a gigolo. The show, however, plays it safe, making him a financially strapped, reluctant gigolo and not, God forbid, a lusty one. Here, ironically, sex for money is more decent than sex for pleasure.
But if you want to know the real price of pleasure, ask the strippers, streetwalkers, Craigslist prostitutes, phone-sex operators, madams, pimps, drug addicts, porn stars and “performance artists” who offer themselves up in “Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys,” a collection of essays, vignettes, rants and poems, edited by David Henry Sterry (who wrote the very good 2002 memoir “Chicken,” about his life as a young hustler) and R. J. Martin Jr., the director of development for the SAGE Project (Standing Against Global Exploitation) in San Francisco, which offers support of all kinds for sex workers. While good girls require dinner, trips, “commitment” or even an engagement ring for sex, here is a book by those who simply get the cash upfront.

© 2009 Gershon Hepner 8/23/09

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