Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Remember That We Suffered

The mantra of “Remember that we suffered”
is most fortunately somewhat buffered
by the famous Jewish sense of humor
which, when the goy is the consumer
and finds the jokes the Jew tells funny,
will often earn the Jew a lot of money,
thus proving some have not just suffered but
have found that being of their jokes a butt
makes Jewish pain a profitable way
not just to pay their debts but blow away
the suffering they did not themselves endure,
born after men found for its cause a cure,
which is assimilation that reduces,
just as a mohel can reduce prepuces,
the rationale for suffering of the Jews,
except of those whom racist liberals accuse
of being Zionists, which justifies
their suffering as much as ancient lies.

Inspired by a song which was televised in an episode of “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” which Linda and I watched the night before I wrote this poem:

The heroine of the sitcom is portrayed by Rachel Bloom who brilliantly portrays the role of a Jewish , Harvard-educated attorney

1/15/17 #17724

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