Monday, February 22, 2010



I think that if I ever met a
girl who’s cuter and coquetter
than Musetta, La Bohème
would seem like coffee without crème.

Actually I like mine black,
but am not fussy about color
of coquettes who have the knack
to thrill me even with out color-

atura, and to their bravura
respond with glee by saying “Brava!”
always hoping they’re not purer
than, in her prime, the Gardner Ava.

The opera’s mainly about Mimi,
but I would make a great Rodolf-
o. Wouldn’t you just love to see me
playing like a tiger golf?

Inspired by a review of “La Bohème” by Anthony Tommasini (“The Gang’s All Here: Mimi, Rodolfo and Zeffirelli,” NYT, February 22, 2010), and by Tiger Woods’s confession and apology at Ponte Vedra Beach for his multiple affairs Tiger Woods on February 19, 2010 (see “Overcome”).
The soprano Nicole Cabell brought a luminous voice and perky sensuality to Musetta, although, as with many Musettas, she overdid the coquettish bit during “Quando me’n vo,” when this impetuous woman decides to re-ensnare Marcello, her ex-lover.


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