Thursday, February 18, 2010

pathologically decent


Pathologically decent
is what I called a music friend
who had not kept up with my recent
poems, but assured me he’d amend
his ways, when feeling very bad
that he had when busy had ignored one.
I wonder if this friend is mad:
a shrink might help, could he afford one.

Pathologically being kind
to poets is abnormal: I
fear that he may have lost his mind,
but love this pathologic guy.
It’s clear that he is not tone deaf,
though even if he were I’m sure
he’d manage just like Ludwig, Lef-
kowitz poetically mature.

Thank you for your kind words!
I'm sorry that I've been silent for the past two weeks. This is "audition season," and I've been terribly busy. Rather than a cursory glance at your e-mails I've been saving them for the time when I can devote a sufficient amount of time to them. I'm hoping to get to them tomorrow.

My response was:

Apologies are NOT called for, David.

To which David responded:

Well, thanks, but I HAVE been feeling awfully guilty...


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