Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If Sarah Palin Looked Like Golda Meir

If Sarah Palin looked like Golda,
older and Alaska-colder,
would she be warming cockles
of our hearts in her debacles?
To have a race within your pocket
you do not need to be a rocket
scientist, but if you whine,
and do not reach the finish line,
the voters aren’t inclined to give
you their support as Tel-Aviv
once gave to Golda. Sarah Palin,
weepin’, gnashin’ teeth and wailin’,
cranky, crass and somewhat screechy,
prim, unpresidential, preachy,
aware electors will not choose her
is acting like a most sore loser,
by casting blame left, right and center
on every media tormentor,
collecting grievances like rent
while hoping to be President,
encouraging eviction of
the voters who don’t send her love.
It’s problematic. Why does Sarah––
compared with Golda clearly fairer––
do this, abandoning Alaska?
Perhaps we’ll find out if we ask her,
but since most probably we can’t,
just let her whine some more, and rant:
like dead fish that can’t swim, she’ll molder,
far more forgettable than Golda.
Of course if she were half as smart
as Tina Fey, she’d win my heart,
but since she isn’t, hope, not glory,
is her republican sad story.

Inspired by an observation made by Mike Murphy, a former John McCain strategist, made about Sarah Palin, commenting on her resignation from the position of Governor of Alaska and her rants about what she called “American apologetics”. Mike Murphy’s comment was cited by cited by Maureen Dowd (“Sarah Grabs the Grievance Bag From Hillary,” NYT, July 29, 2009).

© 2009 Gershon Hepner 7/29/09

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